From Moorland to Bottle

To give our gin a unique Dartmoor flavour we forage botanicals from the moor to add to our classic gin spices. The key Dartmoor botanical we use is gorse because we love the fresh floral note it adds to the gin. Bright yellow gorse blazing across the moorland hills is characteristic of the Dartmoor landscape.

Did you know it is called Furze down here in the Westcountry? Our Devon Furze has a distinctive coconut scent, and spiky foliage which acts as safe haven for nesting birds such as the Yellowhammer and Stonechat. This spiky foliage makes it tricky for foraging and I have been known to put on a pair of gauntlets for the job!

The distinctive yellow flowers are best picked in the sunshine; for flavour and the pleasure of the picker! If I feel like some adventure I take to the trails on my fat bike to seek out gorse flowers further afield with my basket attached to the front of my bike to keep the flowers in - and also a puppy occasionally. Never both at the same time…..

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