Pure Waters

When making our gin here in Moretonhampstead, we use pure Dartmoor spring water from a nearby hill farm. This water springs from high up on Dartmoor next to a granite tor where there are spectacular views across to the stunning landmarks of Hay Tor and Hound Tor.

This particular piece of moorland is covered in heather and gorse with violets dotted in between, and it’s these violets that provide an important food source for the Pearl Bordered Fritillaries. Whilst flying across this heath, they also swoop down to take sips of water from the same spring that we collect our delicious water from. It’s a real treat to watch them.

Our spring water gathers within an ancient granite-lined store and is then piped down to the farm. We fill an IBC in the back of Adam’s thatching truck and then transport it (carefully) back to our distillery where we pump it into a water container; ready to be used in our gin.

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