Plastic Free

Our business ethos has always been to not use plastic. It takes a bit of research on our part but we feel it is time well spent.

We now have a new addition to our gin bottles. On their necks you will see a tamper sleeve. You may be surprised at first sight, considering our environmental values. It looks like plastic but it isn’t. It is made from cellulose which is 100% biodegradable.

Biodegradable gin labels

The sleeves are a specific size for our bottles because they shrink to fit. No heat shrinking is required for this process...

  1. The sleeves arrive in a can and are surrounded by fluid
  2. Each sleeve is then fitted over the neck of the bottle
  3. It takes about an hour to naturally shrink. Sometimes longer in the cooler climate of Dartmoor
  4. And then they are ready
Papillon Gin Plastic Free
Viscose Closures

Here’s a link to a video clip showing how the sleeves decompose. The website also includes more information about them. Please share with other businesses who aim to be plastic free

The sleeves can be put in your kitchen caddies or compost heaps. They take about 5 weeks to decompose. Will your bottle of Papillon Gin be finished before the sleeve has become compost?

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