From Limited to Special

Launching our new gin, Carabus, during Covid times has been strange without the usual event opportunities to talk to people about it and to hear feedback. However, 10 months have now passed and we’re receiving plenty of repeat purchases from retailers and hospitality, as well as a summer of events and markets to get out there and chat to all you gin drinkers.

We have been chuffed to hear all your positive feedback and the desire for it not to be limited. Having taken this on board we have decided to change Carabus from Limited Edition to Special Edition. We’re keen to continue our relationship with Buglife and the donation of £2 from every 70cl bottle which is going towards helping the rare Blue Ground Beetle on Dartmoor.

Carabus was created in collaboration with Nick Baker, Dartmoor Naturalist and wildlife presenter. When asked to pick a special Dartmoor species to focus this gin around Nick chose the Blue Ground Beetle (Carabus intricatus).

Carabus Gin Nick Baker

Some facts about the Blue Ground Beetle:

  • Adult beetles can be 3cm long
  • It has large protruding jaws so it can capture slugs and suck out their insides!
  • Long wiry limbs help it climb up trees to find its prey
  • It is estimated that Dartmoor represents over 80% of the Blue Ground Beetle population in the UK
  • First discovered in 1811, it was soon presumed extinct. Rewards were offered by collectors for a specimen. One disappointed bounty hunter was only offered a fraction of the reward in 1856, due to missing legs on the beetle. The species then disappeared until rediscovered on Dartmoor in 1985

In honour of this special beetle, woodland botanicals have been chosen; rowan and hawthorn berries, nettle wood sorrel and hazelnuts.

Tasting notes: It is a contemporary London dry that is juniper led. Unusually it does not have any citrus but is distilled with rowan and hawthorn berries which give it a pleasant fruity roundness. Cardamom, cubeb and cassia provide warm spice notes. Nettles and wood sorrel give fresh notes. The hazelnuts (and a small bit of vanilla) give a creaminess that ends in a pearly finish.

You can buy online through Jaded Palates, Master of Malt, Drinkfinder and The Tipple Cellar. Check out our stockists map to find your local retailer.

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